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If you looking to supercharge your online revenue or you’re a newbie just starting out, we have just what you need.  Join us at Eper12x and watch your business begin to soar!  These comprehensive training courses coupled with a responsive community and support, are guaranteed to produce results.

Welcome to Eper12x, the go-to place for entrepreneurs seeking to take their business to the next level.

Run by SEO/PPC Expert Chris Cain, here you’ll learn how to increase your online presence along with boosting sales and conversions. Whether it’s navigating through Google’s constant updates or mastering paid advertising, Chris is in your corner!

Eper12x stands for Extraordinary People Epic Results. Let us help you get there! Check out our courses below, as well as the content throughout the site. We’d love to have you in our community!

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SEO (Beginner - Advanced)

Are you missing in action when it comes to search engine rankings? Enroll in our comprehensive SEO Course and we’ll show you how to attain and sustain high rankings for your pages, and start building site authority.

Paid Traffic (PPC/Facebook)

Buying paid traffic to your site is a terrific way to get visitors, but the various ad platforms can make it difficult to turn a profit. Chris’ Paid Traffic course will show you how to get affordable, highly targeted visitors to your site.

YouTube Marketing

According to Cisco Systems, by 2017 69% of all Web traffic will be video. Check out Chris’ YouTube Marketing course, and start developing the skills and tactics necessary to tap into this ever-growing audience.

Sales & Conversion Training

Getting boatloads of traffic to your pages is only the first step: you need to be able to convert them to sales once they arrive, or it’s all for nothing. Chris Cain’s Sales & Conversion training gives you the keys to conversion, and opens the vault wide!

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